• Nov 27, 2021, 10:00 PM
  • SO36

The legendary gay party with a Middle Eastern flair

Finally full house again at the House of Halay! Gayhane, Berlin’s “HomoOri- ental Dancefloor”, has been back since the end of September thanks to 2G rules. Tonight behind the decks bringing you Turkish, Arabic, Greek and Hebraic pop music: Ipek, mikki_p, Amr Hammer and Aziza.

DJs Ipek, mikki_p, Amr Hammer, Aziza

#middle eastern#danceparty#queer



SO36 has been a music hotspot in Kreuzberg since the 70s, at least in the part of the district formerly known by its postal code of Süd-Ost 36. Its profile has changed over the decades, but it's still home to long-established events such as the Middle-Eastern club night Gayhane as well as punk concerts by bands on tour.