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Pride roundup

If you get bored in June, it’s your own fault! During Berlin Pride Week, between the Stadtfest and CSD, a number of special events take place. Here is an overview of this year’s highlights


CSD on the Rail
For the first time, an S-Bahn train will make a special Pride trip across town to raise funds for the CSD association. It goes from the Lichtenberg station, Ostkreuz, Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof to the Zoo and back, with various artists performing onboard.
Jun. 13, 12:00, S-Bahnhof Lichtenberg

CSD Exhibition
Berliner painter Lars Deike gave two of his pieces to the CSD association for their crowdfunding campaign. The subjects? Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt and scene queen Chantal. They’ll be on display at Deike’s exhibition in Schöneberg though mid-July.

Vernissage, Jun. 13, 20:00, Titanen Piercing

Schöneberg Town Hall Shows its Colors!
A cherished tradition kicking off Pride Week is the hoisting of rainbow flags in front of the Schöneberg town hall. Taking part this year will be Angelika Schöttler, district mayor of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, and Gerhard Hoffmann, rep from Regenbogenfonds, a group of LGBT restaurant and bar owners. 

Jun. 18., 13:00, Rathaus Schöneberg

Lesbian/Gay City Festival
This massive street fest with countless stands will attract up to 300,000 people this weekend. SIEGESSÄULE is back again with our own booth. We’ll have DJs and a wheel of fortune hosted by Kaey.   

Jun. 20-21, 11:00, Motzstraße Neighborhood

Sexy Bitches & Bulls & Horses
The official Stadtfest parties take place at Connection, the infamous cruising club just around the corner. As an exception for this weekend, the usually men-only venue welcomes all genders.
Jun. 20, 22:00 / Jun. 21, 21:00, Connection Club

This is, to date, the biggest exhibit in Germany dedicated to the history of LGBT and queer people. More info on p. 65.   

Opening, Jun. 25, 19:00, Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum)

CSD on the Spree
This aquatic parade is one of the most popular Pride Week events. Ten boats with community groups (such as Pink Pillow and Café Fatal) sail through the city along the Spree river. Afterwards at 20:30 is the Port Party at Zenner Biergarten with DJ Gloria Viagra – even if you don’t have a ticket for the cruise, you can still get in here.

Jun. 25, 17:30, various piers of departure

Dyke* March

The big demo for increased lesbian visibility, led by Dykes on Bikes. Find out more about the Dyke* March on Facebook

Jun. 26, 19:00, Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum)

There are more than enough parties for CSD, but unfortunately mostly aimed at men. The only big one for women is this collaboration between the L-Tunes and Girl Toxic parties, offering electro, alternative and pop.   

Jun. 26, 22:30, SchwuZ

CSD 2015
It’s been a turbulent year for the CSD association, but in the end, the parade is taking place! After years of absence, SIEGESSÄULE will be taking part with a group on foot. More info on Facebook.

Jun. 27,12:00, Kürfürstendamm/Joachimstaler Str.

Kreuzberger CSD
As an alternative to the main pride parade in Mitte, Kreuzberg gets its own. More info on p. 34.   

Jun. 27, 16:00, Oranienplatz

District Pride
The official CSD party boasts a massive lineup including DJ sets from Robyn and Kele, going all night past the break of dawn.   

Jun. 27, 17:00, Arena/Badeschiff/Glashaus

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