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Stuck in Folsom Prison

Berlin imported San Francisco’s legendary Folsom Street Fair over a decade ago. Folsom Europe officially happens Sep. 12-13, including the main street fair in Schöneberg, but the city has plenty of side parties as well as unrelated BDSM and fetish events throughout the week, month and year. Here, filmmaker Sean Moxie (pictured) shares what gets his tail wagging

Sean Moxie © Florian Gastell

10.09. – Berlin, you bottomless pit of BDSM and fetish sex: You're reaching your annual peak again! People are becoming jittery already. I can see it when I log on to my dating accounts. All these random strangers, usually showing less face than gear in their pictures, checking out my rubber doggy profile, looking for a slave, a master, pain, cock (please, dear reader, get to know gender diversity on this one, if you haven't already), bondage, a sneaker or boot in their face, a fist or two – or everything at once! I can almost sniff them as they click (again), until they get impatient enough to send a message, offering a boner or whatever else. We all love treats, don't we?

Anything seems possible prowling around in Berlin's old alleys, darkrooms, piss holes, parks and clubs. I love the city's shamelessness, diversity and ability to get any party going! We lucky bitches who live here can get all the action throughout the year. There's plenty for gay men, mixed queer crowds and women only – or all of us together. We pervs and kinksters love our special nights at spots like Lab.oratory,Quälgeist and Alte Klempnerei as well as events like D.U.M.P., the Women's Easter Conference and Snax. And now: Folsom will be sucking us in again, along with plenty of international visitors craving a whiff of Berlin's lovely stench! It's as if we're all desperately in heat without anything else to do, getting lubed up and dressed up.

Who’s a good boy?! On Wednesday, September 9, men (only) can roam around and sniff each other's butts at In Dog We Trust, taking place at Scheune in Schöneberg. Thursday is a good night for kinksters in Kreuzberg: Club Culture Houze offers a queer bondage party for all genders, while Quälgeist hosts Honey and Spice, a night for women and trans* into SM – men will have to wait till Friday or Saturday if they want to go there to inflict or receive some pain. Guys into rubber will want to check out Lab.oratory in Friedrichshain on Saturday, where there’s a strict squeaky dress code. As for the official Folsom parties: Friday is Revolver at KitKat Club, and Saturday is the men-only PiG at Magdelena.

Nighttime naughtiness is fun, of course, but let’s not forget the point of the original San Francisco street fair: visibility! On Saturday afternoon, we'll all gather on along Fuggerstraße to enjoy our fetishes in public (or to mess around in Schöneberg's pubs – my personal recommendations are New Action and Mutschmanns).

And please do not forget: There is the possibility of a tomorrow or even a future afterwards. So, enjoy the treats, but whenever possible, treat yourself and others in a way that won’t lead to regrets.

Sean Moxie

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