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Crossing borders: Sado Opera are Russia's disco-pop ambassadors

Sado Opera just released their new single "Imaginarium" and will DJ at a benefit for gay Chechens this Thursday at Wilde Renate. SIEGESSÄULE spoke with the core band members about their politics

Sado Opera wanna tell you about the birds and the bees. Photo by Andrey Kezzyn

Jun. 20 – Although it doesn’t mention the biological orifice by name, Sado Opera’s latest tune "Imaginarium" is inspired by the cloaca – the hole that birds use for fucking, pissing and shitting alike. The lyrics, set atop an indie-disco backdrop, are actually quite vanilla, especially for a group known for its perverted hijinx, having fondled Conan O’Brien when they guested on his Berlin special. "The song is about longing for a world and a body without borders," they explain. "So far, the only symbol of gender equality is the anus, yet we still have genitals that need to be defined. The mix of both could finally make us free as a bird from the division of gender."

As for national borders, the core duo moved to Berlin from St. Petersburg in 2014, wanting to escape the typical Russian mentality, although they still closely follow events there. "Politics basically reminds us of contemporary art – almost any event is manipulated to provoke emotions and a huge discussion," they say. "But unlike art, it lacks humanistic values." Sado Opera warn that the rest of the world shouldn't measure Russia by Western standards. They don’t think Merkel’s recent admonition of Putin will have any direct effect, but they do believe in her "bridge-building mission" in general. “Information, cultural exchange and support from abroad are probably the only ways to save Russian society from the danger of complete degradation."

This is why they have decided to co-organize a benefit for the gay men being systematically killed in Chechnya. "We should not wait for governments to take action. We strongly believe in personal initiatives." Funds raised will go to the Russian LGBT Network, which is helping the victims "fly away" safely. Sado Opera mention, by the way, that the scientific term for aviary intercourse is a "cloacal kiss", which they find "very romantic, while also manifesting equality. No tops, no bottoms – just two birds kissing. Imagine that while listening to our song."


Siblings: A benefit for our queer family in Chechnya
Jun. 22, 18:00-midnight at Wilde Renate
w/ Discodromo, Wolfgang Tillmans, DJ Ipek, Warbear, Gloria Viagra, Perera Elsewhere, Khan of Finland, Joey Hansom, Larry & Yong, Sado Opera, kos_mic q'andi, Mikey Woodbridge, Icky, and Luz



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