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The queer link between Turkey and Germany

Group exhibition 'the soft g' runs now through May 29 at the Schwules Museum

"Taner and Taner" by Taner Ceylan. Courtesy of Bert-Jan van Egteren

Mar. 21, 2017 – Earlier this month saw the opening of ğ – queer forms migrate at the Schwules Museum. Curated by Emre Busse and Aykan Safoğlu, the group show examines cross-cultural interchange amongst LGBTI* Turks and Germans, with a focus on marginalization and body politics.

The ninth letter of the Turkish alphabet, the ğ has only existed since the language "migrated" into the Western standard of Latin-based glyphs. The purpose of the "g-breve" or "soft g" is to strengthen the vowel that precedes it (which is why the letter resembles a "w" in "Erdoğan"). 

Aside from all the visual works on display (now through the closing on May 29), there is a program of events including lectures, conversations, readings, performances, workshops and several screenings. Some are in German, some in Turkish, and the ones listed below are all in English.

ğ - queer forms migrate
through May 29 at Schwules Museum

Mar. 26, 16:00
Artist talk
with academic Yener Bayramoğlu and visual artist Hasan Aksaygın about queerness, migration and artistic practice in Berlin

Apr. 23, 16:00
Artist talk
with Scandinavian artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset and curator Aykan Safoğlu on the Istanbul Biennial

May 7, 16:00
Artist talk
with artist Ming Wong and curator Aykan Safoğlu on artistic practices and collaborations

May 14, 16:00
Presentation by curator Emre Busse (also part of the Pornceptual crew) on German porn productions produced in Turkey

May 28, 19:30 at Urban Spree
of Trans X Istanbul (Turkish with English subtitles) and panel discussion

May 29, 18:00
/ Artist talk with participating artist Erinç Seymen




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