• Jun 1, 2024, 9:00 PM
  • ÆVE
Image: Vincent Tiberius

trans powered queer party

Get in some dancing alongside all the political debates about the future tonight at the party for Queerocratia – The Federal Conference for Self-Determination (May 5-Jun 2). Music comes from JAARA, Mama Yha Yha b2b Khloe and Sparkly Pony (photo).

More info & tickets: queerokratia.de/

Line-up Jaara, Mama Yha Yha b2b Khloe, Sparkly Pony und Nanti LIVE (Techno, House)



The red brick building already has a few years under its belt. It was once the wheelhouse of the Royal Water Inspectorate until, after various interim uses, the Heinz Minki beer garden moved in and was then replaced by the electro club Chalet, which has also become history in 2019. Now new operators are trying their luck again under a new name.


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