• May 17, 2023, 9:00 PM
  • Lab.oratory
Image: Lee Wagstaff

One of the rare nights of insanity when the breathtaking gay sex club allows entry for women as well

On the eve of Ascension, Lab.oratory throws multigender bash Revolting. And they’ve got a few gems ready for you behind the DJ decks: alongside “Next Wave Acid Punk” Curses, nd_ baumecker, wannadosomething? and Woi$meinG€ld? are waiting for you.

Line-up nd_baumecker (Foto), Woi$meinG€ld?, Curses, wannadosomething?



In the basement of Berghain but with a separate entrance, this sprawling location hosts all kinds of nights, from "Yellow Facts" to "Fausthouse". Considered one of the best gay sex clubs in the world.


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