Eine Frau, die weiß, was sie will!

  • Dec 22, 2022, 6:30 PM
  • Komische Oper im Schillertheater
Image: Iko Freese/ drama-berlin.de

Musical comedy

This hilarious operetta by the Jewish-Austrian composer Oscar Straus has 20 characters, all played by only two actors: Dagmar Manzel (photo, left) and Max Hopp (photo, right). A breathless and occasionally genderqueer tour de force!

Komische Oper im Schillertheater


In the sense of French "opéra comique", the Komische Oper offers theater in which music and scenic action are mutually dependent.

Note: From the end of June 2023, the Komische Oper will move to the Schiller Theater in Charlottenburg for 6 years due to extensive renovation.


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