The Golden Gmilfs: Extra Dry

  • Jun 15, 2022, 6:00 PM
  • BKA-Theater
Image: Kai Heimberg

Lipsync drag show

Shortly before the pandemic struck, lip-sync theater piece The Golden Gmilfs: Extra Dry celebrated its pre- miere. Tonight the comedy banger centering on Jurassica Parka (photo) sees another performance. A brilliant mix of different episodes of Golden Girls and musical numbers.



The Berliner Kabaret Anstalt was founded in a tent in Kreuzberg by members of the taboo-breaking troupe of Cabaret des Westens. Since 1988, many reputable artists such as Michael Mittermaier, Rosenstolz, Georgette Dee and Popette Betancor developed their careers at this theater at Mehringdamm.