Black As I Am Queer As I Am Black

  • Apr 17, 2021, 4:00 PM
  • Oyoun
Image: Embodied Arts Festival


A journey into black queer poetics through the music, poetry, and performance works of self-identified black and queer artists from around the world. Kopano Maroga and Maneo Mohale are two black queer cuties who have some questions about what constitutes so called blackness and so called queerness in the realm of poetics. How does identity sometimes operate as a doorway and, sometimes, a cliff? Is there a problem with falling? Is the falling The Poetic? And, most importantly, isn't all poetry GAY at the end of the day? Join us for this guided reading session of pre-prescribed materials that evoke the poetic as we unpack what it means to us to be this black and this queer at this particular moment in history.


Kulturzentrum mit Schwerpunkten auf Queerfeminismus, Dekolonialismus und Migration.