• May 17, 2024, 4:30 PM
  • Villa Lützow Kiezzentrum / MGH Villa Lützow


We are a group of butch, gender non-conforming and maculine trans*women and non-binary butches. All bodys are welcome, but we do want to center amab trans* people.

From happenings of the week to topics of life, let's get to know each other! Talk with us about your interests and share your experiences with gender expression and transition.

Come join us! The Tomgrrrls

Für butche, gnc, maskuline, trans* Frauen und nbs


Villa Lützow Kiezzentrum / MGH Villa Lützow


The MGH is a colorful meeting place where free courses, counseling, leisure activities, discussion groups and many other events take place. The "queer Fridays" in particular offer activities for queer people


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