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Your Siegessäule needs you (engl.)!

13. Apr. 2020

In order for you to be able to enjoy the Siegessäule in the future, we need your help right now! The corona crisis has hit us hard. Advertisers make up the major part of the Siegessäule’s revenues and due to the mass cancellation of all events as well as the shuttering of most every venue in the city, this has led to a collapse in our cash flow. This means, of course, that the Siegessäule as well as the Special Media company which publishes us, are currently facing sheer unsurmountable financial challenges. (zur deutschen Version)

Help us to save a Berlin institution!

For us to be able to guarantee that the Siegessäule remains a free queer city magazine, we need you, the readers* of the LGBTI* community!

A little thought experiment: If each of our estimated 100,000 readers of the Siegessäule in Berlin were willing to pay 1.50 Euros, we are convinced we would be able to compensate for the current drop in sales. With our donation target of 150,000 Euros as well as with other measures (short-time work, subsidies), we are confident that we will be able to keep Berlin's queer magazine up and running.

Our Siegessäule is a unique media platform and cultural asset in Europe, which for many queer Berliners* also represents a very personal piece of their own individual coming-out story – the magazine has established itself as a consistent and often hotly debated part of Berlin's attitude to life. We represent the queer interests of Berlin, which are otherwise barely visible elsewhere, and we want to continue to do so.

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With special “2020Solidarity” artworks from Klara Lidén, Wolfgang Tillmans, Stefan Fähler, Karl Holmqvist, and many more courtesy of Wolfgang Tillmans and the Between Bridges Foundation.

Berlin without the Siegessäule? Unthinkable! The magazine has been part of the Berlin community since 1984, and since the mid-1990s it has been available free of charge every month anywhere in the city. The Siegessäule is a journalistically independent magazine but financed solely through advertisements. It is widely available to all Berliners* and has a regular print run of at least 50,000 per month and a reach of 100,000 readers*.

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